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Our most advanced instrument. The polarimeter has four photoelastic modulators (PEMs) that modulate the polarization state of light both before and after the sample. Fourier analysis of the time varying signal delivers simultaneously all sixteen elements of the Mueller matrix with precision unmatched by rotating retarder polarimeters. The 3-axis motorized goniometer allows for measurements in transmission or reflection with variable angle of incidence and azimuthal angle. An additional laser source allows for the measurement of scattering or diffraction. We have developed sophisticated LabView programs for completely automated measurements in the various instrument modes. Dual monochromators and a motorized filter wheel assure reliable measurements even at high optical densities. The detector monochromator combined with the laser source also allows for Mueller matrix fluorescence measurements. Our group published the original paper explaining the theory.  

4-PEM Spectroscopic Mueller matrix Polarimeter

If insterested in learning more, or using the 4-PEM, please contact:   shane.nichols@nyu.edu  or  bart.kahr@nyu.edu

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