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1997 - 2001

S Sedarous, JA Subramony, B Kahr

Structure and optical characterization of Rochelle salt dye inclusion crystals and the

fluorescence detection of their phase transitions

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Dyeing KDP

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The Etiology of anomalous double refraction

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[3.3.1]Propellane-2,8-dione: Synthesis and structure

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B Kahr, S Lovell, J. A Subramony

The progress of logwood extract

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Ecstasy: 3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine

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Polymorphism of potassium dihydrogen phosphate

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On the mechanism of matrix assisted room temperature phosphorescence

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Poppy acid: Synthesis and crystal chemistry

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B Kahr

Gibbs and Amistad

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Engineering oriented gases: Dyeing K2SO4

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Anisotropic Organic Materials - Approaches to Polar Order

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Authors: W Kaminsky, B Kahr

Crystal optics and the symmetry principle: An update

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Internal dynamics of octanitrocubane

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Dyeing crystals

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Authors: L Touryan, R Clark, RW Gurney, B Kahr, V Vogel

Growth of calcium oxalate monohydrate with fluorophores and fluorophore-labeled proteins

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Authors: HC Wang, M Kurimoto, B Kahr, J. Chmielewski

alpha-Lactose monohydrate single crystals as hosts for matrix isolation of guest biopolymers

Bioorg Med Chem. Lett, 2001, 9, 2279-2283


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