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2007 - 2011

B Kahr, ed.

Optically Anomalous Crystals

English language edition of Nauka publication by A. Shtukenberg and Y. O. Punin

Springer Series in Solid State Science, Springer, Dordrecht, 2007


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Test of Cairns-Smith's crystals-as-genes hypothesis

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The optical rotatory power of water

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Simultaneous false-color imaging of birefringence, extinction, and transmittance at camera speed

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The lives of Malus and his bicentennial law

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Applications of single-molecule microscopy to problems in dyed composite materials

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Optical rotation of achiral compouds

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Turinese stereochemistry: Eligio Perucca's enantioselectivity and Primo Levi's asymmetry

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Colourful World of Dyeing Crystals

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Imaging chiroptical artifacts

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Crystals in light

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Reversible twisting during helical hippuric acid crystal growth

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D-sorbitol, a structurally simple, low molecular-mass gelator of ethanol and the properties of its gels

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Et tu crystallographer: Murder charges against close-packing pioneers evaluated

Cryst. Growth Des. 2011, 11, 4-11.


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Two mechanisms for fluorescence intermittency of single violamine R molecules

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Controlling mesoscale chirality with additives, again

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Planar hydrocarbons more optically active than their isomeric helicenes,

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Glass-crystal growth mode for testosterone propionate

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Hans Mueller (1900-1965)

Woollam Journal, Spring 2011


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